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So you've got a decal printed ready for your shop window, wall, car - or wherever you need to jazz up! But looking at the decal, and the place you want it added can be very daunting.

Not to worry applying decals can be an easy job if you follow our 'how to' guide!


To start, you may not even know what it means to have 'transfer tape' and that's a-ok!

Decals that are cut around words or small shapes (having 'negative space') and need to be positioned in specific spots will have backing paper, this ensures words stay together and in line as well as graphics and shapes being in the correct position.

With Backing Paper

1. Position your decal where you will be adding it to the window, wall car etc. using masking tape on the corners.

During this time it is very important you get your decal in the perfect position and straight 

2. Add tape vertically through the middle of your decal

It is best to avoid the tape going over your decal, so try to choose a space close enough to the middle in the negative space

3. Peel back half of the decal from the back paper, ensuring all pieces of decal are on the transfer tape

Please note, the back paper is the thick side, not the lighter, part transparent side!

4. Using scissors or a knife, cut away the back paper from the decal

5. Using the decal applicator, press the decal to your surface starting from the centre

At this stage you do not have to press firmly, just enough the air bubbles to be gone and the decal to be stuck

6. Remove the second half of the decal back

7. Apply the second half, again starting from the centre

8. Make sure all decal pieces are stuck firmly to your surface by now, pressing firmly with your applicator

Also make sure to get rid of any air bubbles! 

9. Remove the transfer tape from decal

Make sure to keep the tape as close to your surface as possible - this will ensure the decal stays in the correct spot and no damage is done


Decals without transfer tape, are usually larger, 1 piece designs.

Without Backing

1. Place the decal in position on the surface you are applying it to 

Use masking tape in the corners to hold in position. Make sure you get your decal straight and in the exact position you want it 

2. Add a piece of masking tape, that is longer than the decal, horizontally across the centre of the decal

3. Remove masking tape from the top corners of the decal

4. Peel off the back of the decal until the halfway point, where the masking tape is

5. Using a sharp knife, cut the back of the decal away

6. Make sure to hold the decal tight and stick it to the window by the top corners

7. Using the soft side of your decal applicator, gently press the decal to the window, removing any air bubbles

8. Remove the masking tape from the centre of the decal

9. Remove the second half of the decal back

10. Pull the decal tight and stick to the window by the bottom two corners

11. Using the soft side of the decal applicator press the decal to the window, removing all air bubbles

12. Flip your decal applicator around and press firmly to the window

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